Grand Opening

Grand Opening

Hello, Englewood residents and health enthusiasts! We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of Nutribella Juicery on November 30th. Located in the heart of our beautiful city at 18 Engle Street C5, Englewood, NJ 07631, Nutribella Juicery is set to revolutionize your health journey.

Cold-Pressed Juices, Smoothies, and More

Nutribella Juicery is not just a juice bar; it’s a health haven offering an array of refreshing cold-pressed juices, delightful smoothies, invigorating juice shots, detox juicing options, and much more. Our menu is designed to cater to all health-conscious individuals, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone on their wellness journey.

All our products are gluten-free, making them perfect for those with dietary restrictions or those who simply prefer gluten-free options. We also offer a variety of vegan snacks, desserts, and food options to ensure that everyone can enjoy our tasty offerings regardless of their dietary preferences.

Backed by a Holistic Nutritionist

What sets Nutribella Juicery apart is our commitment to holistic health and wellness. Our juice cleanses are backed by a holistic nutritionist, ensuring that they are not just delicious but also nutritionally balanced and beneficial for your health.

Our team understands that nutrition is not one-size-fits-all, and we strive to provide personalized solutions that fit your unique health goals and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to boost your immunity, improve digestion, lose weight, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, Nutribella Juicery has got you covered.

Join us for our Grand Opening

We cordially invite you to join us on November 30th for our grand opening. It’s a fantastic opportunity to sample our delicious offerings, tour our cozy establishment, meet the team behind Nutribella Juicery, and learn more about our commitment to promoting health and wellness in Englewood and beyond.

Come enjoy a day filled with health, happiness, and lots of tasty treats. Bring your friends, family, and neighbors along, and let’s celebrate the arrival of a new health haven in our community!

A Health Revolution in Englewood

We are excited to bring Nutribella Juicery to Englewood and surrounding areas. It’s more than just a juicery; it’s a movement towards healthier living, a commitment to our community’s wellbeing, and a celebration of the joy that comes from nourishing our bodies with wholesome, delicious food.

We look forward to seeing you at our grand opening and can’t wait to be a part of your health journey. Here’s to a healthier, happier Englewood!

Join us on November 30th for the grand opening of Nutribella Juicery – where good health and great taste come together. See you there!

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